Pastor Wants To Resurrect DJ Arafat

Pastor wants Arafat alive

By Agborndip Priscilia, In Buea

An Ivorian pastor has said he has the power to revive late Coupé Décalé star, DJ Arafat.

The man of God whose Facebook name TWIF NEWS got as Koffi Duchrist declared with confidence that if the family members and Godfather of the deceased give him the go ahead, he will make him to live again.

“If the family of DJ Arafat calls me at once, I will leave and whatever the number of formol they put in his body, the Lord Jesus will resurrect him,” he said.

Late DJ Arafat

In a recent live Facebook video Prohet David Aimé identified on Facebook as Koffi Duchrist claimed he prohesied in 2016 that the Ivorian celeb was to die in a car crash.

Asked to show proof of the prohecy he claimed many were testament of, the man of God said he had messages on his phone from christians he said reminded him of the prophetic word he declared three years ago. Despite prophesying that the singer was to die in a car crash, the pastor admitted a motor bike accident led to his death.

He however refused to show the messages, stating his phone was off and would distract the live programme owing to thousands of messages that will be streaming in from his followers.

TWIFF NEWS cannot independently say how the servant of God plans to execute the task of resurrecting Arafat, but he insisted the God he serves will put him through.

” I have the impression that there are wizards in this business, so stay calm, I’ll tell you, because when God has opened a door nobody can shut it up. Arafat will get up and take the microphone to sing,” the pastor insisted

Some believers and followers of Arafat are hoping to see the miracle the man of God will perform.

As TWIFF NEWS had earlier reported, Ange Didier Houon
aka DJ Arafat died in Abidjan on August 12, 2019 at the age of 33 following a motor bike accident.

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