Kidnapped Bishop Of Kumbo Released

By Kesah Princely & Paul Njie, In Buea

The Bishop of Kumbo Diocese, His Lordship George Nkuo has been released after he was kidnapped by Ambazonian fighters, a source has told TWIF NEWS.

Bishop Nkuo was whisked on the morning of Saturday August 24 by separatist fighters, and taken to an unknown destination.

Ambazonian activist, Mark Bareta confirmed on Facebook that separatist fighters were responsible for the abduction, though he claimed without proof, that the Bishop was not kidnapped, but was rather on a “brief visit” to the camp of “Bui Warriors.”

Bishop George Nkou of Kumbo Diocese

The Bishop’s kidnap comes days after he shut down the cathedral, following the recent abduction of two priests from his diocese by alleged separatists.

Reports say the reason for the Bishop’s kidnap, was to demand that he reopen the local cathedral which he shut down because of frequent kidnap of Catholic priests in the area by Ambazonian fighters.

A Reverend Sister in Kumbo told TWIF NEWS that the Bishop had been released, but details about how he was treated while in captivity are yet to be known.

Authorities of the Kumbo Diocese are yet to make an official statement about the Bishop’s kidnap and subsequent release.

This is not the first time separatist fighters are kidnapping Catholic priests in the North West region.

On the Feast of Assumption, two priests from Kumbo under the stewardship of His Lordship George Nkuo — who was recently kidnapped and released — were also abducted by suspected separatists and later freed. The reason for their kidnap remains unclear.

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