National Interpools: Club Disqualified For Fraud

By Ngain Steve Jordan, In Yaounde

West regional Champions Volcan de Noun have been disqualified from taking part in the national football interpools competition.

Despite being qualified for the two-month entry contest in Ligue 2 professional football, Volcan de Noun learned on Thursday, August 22, that the Commission of Appeal of the Cameroon Football Federation deemed them unqualified for the competition.

Bertoua, capital of the East region will on August 24, host the interpools 2019 football tournament. Volcan de Noun FC, the representative of the West region, had already taken up residence at the games’ village to acclimatize and apply finishing touches to their preparations which started two months ago.

Team flyer

The disqualification came after rivals Rizier FC Tonga filed a petition against Volcan du Noun, for having lined up three ineligible players in the final of the play-offs. The petition went in favour of Rizier FC Tonga.

The appeal board issued a two-year suspension of all football-related activities against the offending players: Mounvera Ahmadou, Koko Ombouyo Parfait and Moulioum Abdou Ramani. They were found guilty of fraud on their identity. In addition, Volcan de Noun FC President, Ramani Moulioum Abdou, is banned from carrying out any football-related activities for a period of five years for complicity in fraud.

Rizier FC Tonga is declared on green carpet, new champion of the West region. They will go to Bertoua to replace Volcan de Noun on the seat of the region’s representative.

At the end of the interpools starting on Saturday with the champions of the ten regions of the country all competing, only the top three clubs will be admitted to Elite 2 for the 2019/2020 sports season.

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