ENAM: Head Of State On Case Of “Son” Named Paul Biya Ema’a

The small story is that the candidate was declared eligible for the oral tests.

He must enter the ENAM (National School of Administration and Magistracy) for the academic year 2019/2020, because he bears the name of Paul Biya and his father during his lifetime, was a friend of the Head of State.

It is the summary, in simple terms, of the correspondence of a relative, sent to the Director of the Civil Cabinet of the Presidency on June 14, 2019.

“Mr. Paul Biya Ema’a is seeking the support of his famous namesake to join ENAM, as court auditor for the competition launched this year,” wrote the author of the correspondence, Emmanuel Engogomo, former Administrative Director of National Football Teams and CPDM activist, the ruling party.

ENAM building in Yaoundé

After having pointed out that the applicant will be struck by the age limit after the current session, the author of the letter recalls that the father of the latter, Ema’a Engogomo, maintained during his lifetime, a warm relationship with the Head of State.

“… it behooves the Director of the Civil Cabinet to recommend the present case to the Director General of ENAM, a question of allowing the interested party to be able to continue to carry the name insignia with dignity,” the sender solicited.

For the record, the name of candidate Biya Ema’a Paul is on the list of candidates declared eligible for the oral tests of the contest. Is it a cause-and-effect relationship? Hard to know.

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