Anglophone Crisis: Agriculture Remains Hard Hit

By Jervis Che, in Buea

Agriculture which is one of the backbones of the Cameroonian economy has come under attack, owing to the Anglophone armed conflict.

The crisis which has inflicted pain on almost every sector of the country has not left farmers untouched, especially those in the rural communities.

Most of these farmers have lamented over halting their activities due to insecurity, especially as safety becomes difficult day by day. In places like Weh, Esu and Njinikom, some farmers have reportedly been killed on their way to the farm.

Banana plantation

Some farmers of food crops and vegetables told TWIF NEWS they can no longer produce and sell their agricultural products, making life difficult as they now barely struggle to survive.

“There is poverty now for me as I can’t cultivate my vegetables and sell due to gunshots from both camps [separatists and military],” a farmer in Esu said.

Many workers at state corporations such as CDC and PAMOL which deal in agricultural products have been rendered jobless owing to numerous attacks by separatist fighters, as well as frequent gun battles.

Experts say if the Anglophone crisis does not end soon, the economy is bound to suffer even more.

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