Online Business In Cameroon Sparks Controversy

By Jervis Che

As billions of people around the world actively trade on the internet everyday, some Cameroonians have expressed mixed feelings with the authenticity of doing business online.

The internet has brought about a revolution in the business world, as people do not necessarily need to sit at their shops or hawk around with goods; rather, they simply need to activate a “data bundle” and engage in online trade.

TWIF NEWS in an interview with some persons, got a two-sided response on this issue. Some individuals believe that online business is purely a scam and most of them confessed they had fallen victim to fraudsters.

Cameroon Money in FCFA

While these people lamented over their misfortunes in E-Commerce, others were greatly excited with the advent of such a trading system. To them, it has been a source of life transformation from poverty to a better life. They can now sit in the comfort of their homes and make money.

Others said they did not engage in online business because they could not understand how it actually operates.
“Their explanations [online trading] are not usually clear” a source stated.

It would be rare to explore Facebook or other social media platforms and not see an online business advertisement. This some say, shows the power business has today on social media.

The dual faceted nature in the way people perceive the electronic means of doing business in Cameroon remains strong, as individuals from both sides of the ideological spectrum keep clinging on to their ideals.

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