Lockdown Brouhaha: Sisiku-led IG Rejects Chris Anu’s Lockdown

By Paul Njie

The Interim Government led by Sisiku Ayuk Tabe has given its support to the Ground Zero Defence Council, who have imposed a dual lockdown in September this year.

In a recent communique, the Vice President under Sisiku’s IG, Dabney Yerima described the three-week lockdown imposed by the Sako-led IG as “unnecessary,” and urged the population not to respect such calls.

On August 14, some Ambazonia fighters on the ground declared two lockdowns aimed at forestalling the Cameroonian government’s plan for effective school resumption in Anglophone Cameroon.

They ordered for the shutdown of the territory from September 2-6 and 9-13.

The Sako-led Interim Government later imposed a controversial three-week lockdown — a move which was widely criticized by the defence council and ordinary citizens.

Ambazonia fighters on ground zero

It is unclear whether Sako’s IG is aware of this latest move from Sisiku’s camp.

Now that the Sisiku led faction of IG has supported the Ground Zero Defence Council’s lockdown, it also remains unclear how the Sako-led IG will react.

The idea of a lockdown from whichever body of Ambazonia has been met with stiff resistance from the local population. Some say it affects the people more than the Cameroonian government whom the civil disobedience campaigns are targeted at.

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