Gunshots In Bamenda: Residents Run Helter-Skelter

By Neba Sulivan, In Bamenda

There has been chaos in the town of Bamenda, after secessionist fighters reportedly fired several rounds to enforce an emergency ghost town.

Some parts of Ntarinkon were rumoured to have been blocked by separatist fighters in the morning of Wednesday August 21, though TWIF News cannot independently confirm this.

Circulation remained on a stand still this morning till military intervened to to do away with the barricades used by Ambazonia fighters to halt movement.

Gunshots were heard at about 8am, around Below Foncha and later at the Bamenda Food Market.

The gunshots created commotion, as traders ran helter-skelter seeking for refuge.

At the outset, some traders took refuge in sheds but later fled to their homes as the situation escalated.

Bamenda residents going about dai

Commercial Motorbikes and taxis were hard to come by; some riders and drivers stopped work for their safety. However, few of them were spotted transporting people to their destinations.

Meanwhile, it was the same scenario at the Ntarinkon Market where gunshots were heard after a message was allegedly circulated this morning asking everyone to leave the market, some traders said. That also caused traders to flee.

At the time of this report, the streets remained nearly deserted, with few private cars and military vehicles plying the streets.

According to some people the shooting is in response to the life sentence given to Sisiku Ayuk Tabe and other leaders of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia on Tuesday August 20.

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