Football In North: Student Referees & Assistants Get New Equipment

Aboubakar Alim Konaté talking to the press

By Ngain Steve Jordan, In Yaounde

The First Vice President of the Cameroon Football Federation has offered sports equipment to some student referees and assistant referees in Garoua.

Aboubakar Alim Konaté made the offer on Monday August 19, to the student-referees and assistant referees.

The regional football league in the North has just been enriched by new officials in the field. 33 referees and 1 student commissioner of the match received their certificates of completion.

Benificiaries in the hall seated

The group of future “men in black,” was named “Promotion Aboubakar Alim Konaté.”

Jerseys, shorts and stockings are just around the corner to please the new winners of the Aboubakar Alim Konaté promotion. These laureates are from the first edition of the Northern Football League. These sporting equipment given in Garoua, will galvanize the beneficiaries in the exercise of their passion: football.

The donation ceremony took place at the headquarters of the Northern Regional League in Garoua. While presiding over the ceremony, the promoter Aboubakar Alim urged the recipients to be disciplined, honest, dedicated to the work and especially to make good use of the materials given to them.

Aboubakar Alim Konaté in white pose a picture with students

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