TWIF NEWS EXCLUSIVE: Sisiku & Co In High Spirits Despite Life Jail Sentence

Ambazonia President, Sisiku with folded arms and others in Nigeria

By Paul Njie, In Buea

The ten Ambazonian leaders who were sentenced to life in prison are neither disturbed nor moved by the court ruling, a member of the Defence Counsel has told TWIF NEWS.

In an exclusive interview with TWIF NEWS, Chief Barrister Ndong Christopher said Sisiku Ayuk Tabe and other leaders are “not stressed up. They just look and say it’s a stupid judgement, void of any sense.”

Barrister Ndong tagged the tribunal’s decision as a “violation of the law,” stating that Sisiku Ayuk Tabe, President of the self-proclaimed Republic of Ambazonia, had asked that the court case be adjourned, after their lawyers walked out of the session in protest.

Sisiku Ayuk Tabe Julius on the left, and another leader

The leaders were senetenced in the absence of their lawyers, who had earlier demanded the judge presiding over the case to recuse himself, on grounds that he was “partial” and came with “preconceived ideas and instruction from above to condemn these people [Ambazonian leaders].”

A neglect of the lawyers’ request made them withdraw from the court session and walk out of the court room in protest.

After concluding a meeting with their clients, the Defence Counsel resolved to appeal the court verdict.

“We must go on appeal,” Barrister Ndong told TWIF NEWS. According to the law, any party which is not satified with a court’s decision has ten days to appeal the verdict.

However, the legal mind does not expect a different outcome from the Military Tribunal after their appeal.

“There’s nothing good that can come out of this system with the present predicament.”

He intimated that their filing for appeal would merely be in compliance of the law, stating that they in the defence team do not violate the law.

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