After Life Jail Sentence Of Ambazonian Leaders: Can Schools Effectively Resume In NW/SW?

Ambazonia President, Sisiku with folded arms and others in Nigeria

By Sandrine Akeabeh, in Bafoussam 

Some Cameroonians have expressed mixed reactions to the effective resumption of school in Anglophone cameroon, following the sentencing of ten Ambazonian leaders to life imprisonment.

At a time when government is campaigning for students to go back to school in the embattled North West and South West regions, some residents in these two regions say they expected the government to extend the sentencing date till after the resumption of school. They see the recent life sentence of the Ambazonian leaders as an untimely move.

“I was getting ready to send my children to school, but I fear what will happen. The Amba fighters will surely just kill any child they see going to school. It’s only God that can come to our rescue,” a parent in the North West lamented.

“These people [Military Tribunal] would have waited till close to the end of the [coming] school academic year to sentence these people [Ambazonian leaders],” the parent added.

A final year undergraduate Law student in the University of Bamenda told TWIF NEWS that given the recent sentencing, secessionist fighters might be enraged to hamper effective studies.

Sisiku Ayuk Tabe Julius on the left, and another leader

” The Cameroonian government has done its worst. I might not return to Bamenda again. We were first of all going to school in the midst of panic and fear. What will happen now? It’s a shame the court had to pass such a verdict, ” the student said.

Speaking to TWIF NEWS, another parent in the South West said “all my hopes of sending my child to school has been shattered.

“Everything might just grow worse because these boys [Amba boys] will surely not take this lying.”

However, some Cameroonians in Anglophone Cameroon believe that the court ruling is appropriate, and will ensure effective school resumption in the two restive English speaking regions.

” This might be an opportunity for schools to go operational hitch-free. Now that the leaders have been sentenced, I don’t think ghost towns will continue. The Ambazonia fighters might lose courage and drop their arms. I just have to be optimistic about the whole thing ” another inhabitant of the Southwest said.

The inhabitants of Anglophone Cameroon have been living in the midst of thunderous gunshots which over time have become part of their lives. Whether the present situation in these regions will permit the effective resumption of school is the question running in the minds of most Anglophone Cameroonians.

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