Suspect Arrested For Death Of Four Children In West Region

Lifeless bodies of four children. Pic:Mimi Mefo Info

By Sandrine Akeabeh
In Bafoussam

A 28 year-old man identified as Henri, has been detained at the Bafang Gendarmerie, Bana Subdivision in the West region, in connection with the death of four kids.

According to reports, all four children who were below ten years old, came from the same family. Henri, 28, was asked to supervise the children at home, while members of the family were at a church thanksgiving.

When they returned home, the whereabouts of the kids could not be accounted for.


It was only after pressure from gendarmerie elements that Henri revealed the whereabouts of the children. Their lifeless bodies were found in the bush.

The family is still absorbing the shock of the loss of their kids.

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