Football: Bertoua To Host Interpools

By Ngain Steve Jordan
in Yaounde

Bertoua is expecting ten football champions from all ten regions of the country, for the interpools competition.

Among the ten clubs qualified to participate in the next meetings counting for the interpools tournament, is a mythical team from Garoua. It has been rotting for decades in the lowlands of regional championships. It is Garoua’s Shooting Star. This club, which has been the pride of the Cameroonians of the North, is the current champion of this region.

The other nine championship teams are:

West: Noun Volcano
East: Bertoua Stadium
Northwest: Fontcha Street
South West: PWD Kumba
Far North: Kohy Club Maroua
Adamaoua: Ngaoundere FC
Center: Bafia Mercure
Coastline: As Dibamba
South: Olympic Biwong-Bane


These clubs will meet between August 24 and August 31 in Bertoua to play the competition which will designate the three clubs that will rise in Ligue 2 this season.


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