14 Year Old Girl Dies For Love

By Kesah Princely and Agborndip Priscilia
In Buea

Unlike William Shakespeare’s fictitious “Romeo and Juliet” where two lovers die for love, it has today happen in real life.

A girl whose only name TWIF NEWS got as Favour committed suicide over a failed romantic relationship with her Secondary school mate.

According to the Vanguard News Paper, the 14 old was found dangling on a fan in her family home, with a note stating the reason for her action.

Late lover girl, Favour being carried to the mutuary

The corpse of Favour was discovered by a friend who came to do the hair of the deceased, TWIF NEWS has learned.

Sources say the friend of the 14 year old raised an alarm and people hurried to the scene only to discover the young Favour’s lifeless body.

” When people came into the house they also saw a note she had written, stating that she decided to take her life owing to a failed relationship with a male from the same school she attended,” said a local of Ughelli, Delta Nigeria where the act was committed recently.

The parents of the deceased are said to be childless as of now as Favour was their lone child.

Nigerian police say investigations have been opened into the matter, while her remains are in the morgue pending burial.

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