Cameroonian Journalists Drilled On Crisis Reporting

Standing with a file, Ngah Christian, Publisher of Cameroon English daily, The Guardian Post, President of CENPA

By Sandrine Akeabeh
In Bafoussam

Some Cameroonian journalists have been trained on appropriate ways on how to report on crises, and build peace in society.

Over 40 Journalists from 5 regions of Cameroon converged on Yaounde, on August 16, to receive training on how to report in times of conflict, especially amidst the deepening Anglophone armed conflict in the restive Anglophone regions.

The workshop was an initiative of the Cameroon English Newspaper Publishers’ Association (CENPA). It brought together journalists from the Littoral, West, North West, South West and Centre regions of Cameroon.

According to Metuge Ekane, representative of the Minister of Communication, journalists should be professional because their profession is important to nation building. He added that, there is power in the microphone and the pen, and that words sent out by journalists could be misinterpreted.

The President of CENPA, Kristain Ngah, Publisher of The Guardian Post Newspaper during the workshop acknowledged that since the crisis erupted in Anglophone Cameroon, the government has been focusing on administrators and the military, exempting the media.

“A good journalist is not the one who reports every information. If everything has to be said, one will set the world ablaze”, Ngah told media men and women.

Participants pose for a picture

According to the CENPA, media practitioners could negatively influence the nature of the crisis except journalists are drilled on how to report on it.

While journalists were being drilled on how to report on the Anglophone crisis, their colleague, Samuel Wazizi remained behind bars, under allegations related to the same crisis.
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