Anglophone crisis: Traditional Rulers Beg For Peace


By Sandrine Akeabeh
In Bafoussam

Traditional leaders from the ten regions of Cameroon have called for a return to peace, in the restive Anglophone regions of the country.

After similar peace calls in the East and Littoral regions,they converged this time on the West region on Saturday August 17.

The peace caravan is an initiative of the Council of Traditional Rulers in Cameroon, to ensure the effective return of peace in the country.

Gathered at the entrance of the Bamendjou Palace, the custodians of tradition from all regions of Cameroon performed rituals and invoked their ancestors. They held peace plants surrounding the national flag — a move which they said was an attempt to frustrate the ill intentions of Cameroon’s enemies.

Traditional rulers urged separatist fighters in the North West and South West regions of Cameroon to drop their weapons and embrace peace.
According to chief Antony Komesue from Tombel in the South West region, the rituals performed by the chiefs showed how serious they are about the matter of peace and the traditional aspect done shows that chiefs of Cameroon want peace and want Ambazonia fighters to come back home and join them.

“We will mediate between them and the government. We are calling on all our children to come back home and handle matters amicably.”

Chiefs in Cameroon are considered intermediaries of the government, and offering to mediate between the government and separatists is likely to receive resistance from the secessionists.

After the West region, the caravan for peace will journey to the South region of Cameroon.

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