Anglophone Crisis: Are “Our Boys” Enemies or Friends? – Rev. Nta

Rev. Nta William

Regis Che
In Buea

A peace crusader has made startling revalations of acts supposedly committed by some separatist fighters in the crisis rocked North West and South West regions of Cameroon.

In a five-minute audio that has gone viral on social media, Rev. Nta William Nche, peace activist at the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon, recounted the deeds of Ambazonian fighters — people he referred to as “our boys.”

The Man of God said he and some other people did not understand what a man whose name was not mentioned, confidently asserted “our boys are doing an excellent work.”

The assertion according to the reverend, was debunked by another person, who divulged acts committed by the alleged separatists. “They have taken this whole struggle to be something else. The other day people were attacked and all their belongings were taken away.”

The unspoken man also revealed that, days back, a family was wailing, following the kidnap of their father by sepatist fighters, who was only released after a fundraising was made by their relatives as ransom.

The peace activist however admitted that the boys have a bitter history of “slavery, imperialism, a history that seems to bring tears each time it is talked about.” He furthered that even those who made a survey from 1961-1972, and to a later presidential decree, regret the union of both Cameroons — every moment they think about it, they will say “it is a bad marriage.”

Reverend Atia also questioned where those who have been caught in fire exchanges between the Cameroonian military and separatist fighters, as a result of the Ambazonia cause, should go to.

“Yes they want to be liberated, but who shall we go to when our boys seem to be our enemies? To whom shall we go when those who are supposed to protect the integrity of those they call their citizens, seem to brutalise us, and even ask us to lie down in mud at the time when we believe we should receive relief?” Rev. Nta William rhetoricated.

He however urged everyone carring on weapons to be guided by their consciences so as to keep a legacy afterwards.

TWIF NEWS cannot independently verify whether all the revelations are authentic or not.

Since the outbreak of the Anglophone armed conflict, thousands of Cameroonians have lost their lives, some are internally displaced and others are seeking refuge in neighbouring Nigeria.

International bodies and human rights groups have often held both government’s Defense and Security Forces and Ambazonia fighers culpable for the violation of the rights of individuals.

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