Ambazonian Activists On The Alert

Ebenezer Akwanga, SOCADEF leader

By Sandrine Akeabeh
In Bafoussam

Anglophone activists and leaders of separatist groups have become alert, following the arrest of SOCADEF leader, Ebenezer Akwanga.

TWIF News has gotten hold of information that Ebenezer Akwanga, Ambazonia separatist movement fighter was arrested and questioned on Friday August 16, by the Bureau of National Investigators in Ghana.

Sources Say he had converged a meeting with some Cameroonians at the University of Ghana to discuss issues pertaining to the Anglophone crisis.

Akwanga was later released after an hour of questioning which according to information was due to the intervention of Former Ghanaian President John Rawlings. TWIF News cannot independently confirm these claims.

The frontline Ambazonia leader according to reports has spent the past weeks in Ghana mobilizing support for international mediation on the ongoing crisis in Anglophone Cameroon.

Ebenezer Akwanga is an Ambazonian independent activist and chairman of the African peoples Liberation Movement, and Ambazonian separatist movement.

He is also the head of one of the armed groups ; Southern Cameroon Defense Forces (SOCADEF) in the restive Anglophone regions.

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