50 Year Old Widow Explains How Young Man Dies On Her

Kenyan military conveying the remains to the mutuary

Agborndip Priscilia
In Buea

A 35 year old man has lost his life while having sex with an old woman in a maize plantation.

Identified as Julius Kiptoo, the man went drinking recently before hooking up with a 50 year old widow for an all night sex exercise that resulted to his tragic death, TWIF NEWS has learned.

The woman, who is said to be good enough to be the man’s mother revealed hours after the incident, ” we were heading to the house but he became impatient and demanded we do it at the maize plantation in Sachangwan-Chebyakwai ( Kenya), the lady told journalists in Nairobi.

The deceased , sources say, had taken a sex energizer before meeting his lady for the night. He was obsessed with nonstop sex after swallowing a sex booster pill, and later became sick in the process and died immediately, the receptive widow recounted.

Youth in the area were disgruntled with the 50 year old woman whom they said ought to live by example. “This is very embarrassing. We look up to such women for guidance but they are the ones spoiling young people,” a local told Nairobi news.

After the incident, a hot debate over who be blamed, the man or woman ensued.

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