Who Razed Akwaya Hospital?


By Paul Njie & Kesah Princely                 in Buea

Parts of the Akwaya Hospital have been ravaged by fire, following a gun battle between separatist fighters and the military, Former Supreme Court Judge, Ayah Paul Abine has revealed.

In a recent Facebook post, Chief Justice Ayah Paul Abine said that it was not clear who exactly set a portion of the hospital ablaze.

The hospital has now been “relocated to the Akwaya native village,” where “some rooms have been hired in three separate non-permanent structures in a triangle measuring 60, 100 and 110 metres by crow’s flights.”

Chief Justice Ayah Paul wondered how safe the nearby government high school would be, given that the hospital which was burnt barely 300 metres away from the local Gendarmerie Brigade was unsafe.

This is not the first hospital in the restive Anglophone regions to go in flames. Some months ago, the Kumba and Muyuka District Hospitals were set ablaze, but there were conflicting views as to who committed the act.

Separatist fighters and the Cameroonian military often trade blames when incidents like this happen.
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