Man Killed For Collaborating With Military


By Nsah Edwin
In Bamenda

A young man has been killed by alleged separatist fighters in Old Town, Bamenda II subdivision, after he was accused of collaborating with the military.

The individual whose name TWIF NEWS got as Paul, a worker at a local snack bar at T-Junction, was shot on the back by suspected Ambazonia fighters in Old Town on his way back from work.

He is alleged to have collaborated with the military: giving them sensitive information about Ambazonia fighters, revealing separatists’ hideouts and keeping goods which were seized from locals by the military.

TWIF NEWS cannot independently confirm that the deceased man cooperated with the country’s Defence and Security Forces as accused, but the Cameroonian authorities have frequently called on the local population to collaborate with the military, in order to defeat secessionist fighters.

Anglophone secessionist fighters have been accused of targeted attacks on those they consider as spies and informants of the military, and have often tortured and in some cases, killed their victims.

“In January, at least 10 armed separatists abducted and tortured an ethnic Fulani man near the village of Alabukam, North-West region. They accused him of collaborating with the military,” a Human Rights Watch report on May 6, 2019 revealed.

“Human Rights Watch analyzed a video that surfaced in April showing at least three separatists with machetes and sticks threatening and torturing the man, who was naked and tied up on the ground.”

Old Town has been heavily militarised, following Thursday’s incident.

Old town Bamenda

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