Anglophone Crisis: Ambazonia Launches Forceful Recruitment?

Kesah Princely & Regis Che, in Buea

Suspected separatist fighters have begun forcing young men in Bamenda to join the fight for the liberation of a self-proclaimed country termed Ambazonia.

Sources say heavily armed men believed to be Pro-independence fighters of Ambazonia’s statehood, stormed Nkwen, a locality in Bamenda III Subdivision on August 13, and compelled young men at gunpoint to join them.


TWIF NEWS cannot independently confirm who the perpetrators of Tuesday’s nocturnal act were, but Ambazonia forces are noted for excessive use of force to compel locals to do their biddings. During the operation, the alleged Ambazonia fighters captured dozens of boys in Nkwen and took them to an unknown area, TWIF NEWS has learned.

Mimi Mefo info reported that residents of Mbesi quarter in Mile 4 Nkwen revealed that some locals were ordered to either participate in the struggle for the independence of Ambazonia, or suffer from the barrel of their guns.

Reacting to the raid, Ambazonia activist, Mark Bareta said he was uncertain that restoration fighters masterminded the act.

“I am confident that someone and somebody somewhere is playing a fast one on us to tarnish the image of our forces and tell the international community that people are forced to fight. This has never happened in our revolution and all Ambazonia groups know better,” he said.

Human rights groups have often accused separatist fighters of willy-nilly kidnapping, collecting ransoms and torturing civilians in the two restive Anglophone regions of Cameroon.

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