Popular Ghanaian Actress Badly In Need of a Child

Agborndip Priscilia                                In Buea.

One of Ghana’s beautiful and finest film stars says her love for children makes her hunger for a child.

Yvonne Nelson has finally admitted that she has broken up with her Irish lover, Jamie Roberts, after several denials.

yvonnenelsongh           Single mom, Yvonne Nelson

After dating her baby daddy for two years, Yvonne says all her attention is now tilted towards caring for her daughter (Ryn Roberts).

In an interview with Joy FM’s A-Z Show with Naa Ashorkor, the actress cum Movie Director expressed her wish to have a second baby, but regretted being single.

“Motherhood has changed me. I’ve now grown to love kids and I would love to have a second baby but I’m very single at the moment. The father of my child and I have gone our separate ways,” she said.

images (1)  Yvonne, baby Ryn & father, Jamie                                   Roberts

The 34 year-old model would be having a new lover in the days ahead, with whom she will realise her dream of having another baby.

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