Muyuka Suffers Another Catastrophe

Regis Che, in Buea.

Muyuka Subdivision has suffered what many have termed a disaster, following a military raid on August 12, 2019.

One civilian has been allegedly killed by Cameroon’s military and security forces who stormed Malende, a neighborhood in Muyuka, a source in the area told Mimi Mefo Info.

Aside the dimise, another victim was reportedly shot on the leg following an uncoordinated gunfire from the uniformed officers.

“One was shot on the leg and the other person killed as the military raided the area and started shooting rampantly. As civilians were fleeing for their lives, they shot one guy on the leg and the other person was shot dead,” a witness in the area is quoted to have weepingly revealed to Mimi Mefo Info.

Cameroon’s Security and Defense Forces

Picture One
Cameroon’s Defence and Security Forces

This is not the first time Muyuka has witnessed such a dramatic scenario since the Anglophone armed conflict broke out in 2016. In May this year, a four-month old baby was allegedly killed by Cameroonian soldiers in the area.

The death of baby Martha sparked nationwide criticism. Barrister Akere Muna for example, condemned the unfortunate incident on Twitter — terming it barbaric. 

“Can shooting of a four-month old baby make any sense? That is what we have become, a country where some lives do not matter. A country in which a baby receives capital punishment for a life it still has to live. Barbaric!” 

Government’s Spokesman, Rene Emmanuel Sadi debunked claims that the Cameroonian army killed the baby, but held separatist fighters responsible.

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