Fru Ndi Belittled By Another Limbe Chief

By Paul Njie 

The Chief of Livanda Village, HRH Motia Mathias Motia, has given the Chairman of the opposition Social Democratic Front (SDF) Party 48 hours to apologise for visiting his village without authorisation.

In a strongly worded letter to Ni John Fru Ndi on Monday August 12, Chief Motia said he was dissatisfied by the chairman’s visit to sympathise with a bereaved family in his village, who recently lost their relatives in an alleged food poisoning incident.

“I felt so disappointed when I got the news of your visit to the recent crime scene of the food poisoning incident,” Chief Motia noted in his letter.

HRH Chief Motia of Livanda Village

On Thursday August 8, three members of the Ebai’s family in Livanda, Limbe 1 subdivision, died and eight others were hospitalised, after their dinner was allegedly poisoned by their housemaid.

According to the head of Livanda Village, it is against their custom and tradition for “strangers” to “visit crime scenes unauthorised.”

Police in the area are currently investigating the case, and have not labelled the home of the affected family as a “crime scene” as stated by the chief.

SDF Chairman, Ni John Fru Ndi

Chief Motia Mathias failed to mention what repercussions might follow if Fru Ndi does not apologise within the 48-hour deadline, but he warned the chairman not to visit his village again without authorisation.

The chief’s action has been met with stiff criticism from some citizens and national observers, especially on social media.

Ndifor Richard, a civil society advocate considers the move as “an advertisement of stupidity. “

“Fru Ndi owes the chief no apology for what he did. He has every right to condole and sympathise with any Cameroonian, without needing an authorisation from anyone,” Ndifor told TWIF NEWS.

He also said that referring to Fru Ndi as a stranger is a “manifestation of hatred of the North West by some South West chiefs.”

The civil society advocate believes that the chief’s latest reaction is politically motivated.

“Over 100 people including journalists have visited that family already. I am 100% sure they didn’t get authorisation from the chief to do so, and I’m sure he didn’t address a similar letter to them. Why is Fru Ndi’s case different?” He questioned.

“At the bottom of that letter, the SDO for Fako and the Limbe Chiefs’ Conference are copied. Sounds like demonstrating proof that he [chief] is doing a good job.” Mr Ndifor added. 

This is not the first time a chief in Limbe is sending the SDF Chairman such a letter. A few months ago, chiefs under the banner of the Limbe Chiefs’ Conference ordered Fru Ndi in a letter, to refund a symbolic key gifted to him by the Paramount Chief-elect of Limbe.

At the time of this report, Chairman Ni John Fru Ndi has yet to react to Chief Motia’s furious message.

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Communique of Chief Motia Mathias demanding apologies from Fru Ndi

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