School Resumption Sparks Fresh Controversy in Anglophone Cameroon

Students from a government school studying

Kesah Princely & Regis Che
in Buea

After losing three academic years, the future of thousands of students in Anglophone Cameroon remains uncertain as another school year draws near.

Divergent ideas on school resumption have surfaced with the most recent being a statement from “Ambazonia Ground Zero (GZ) Defense Council”.

In an audio that has gone viral on social media, a group which identified itself as Ambazonia Ground Zero Defense Council intimated that no school will operate in the two conflict stricken North West and South West regions.

In the 4 minute-51 second Pidgin-English audio, an alleged spokesman of the GZ Council revealed that any bookseller or teacher who is caught promoting school activities, will be treated as “an enemy” to what he called their struggle to independence.

School goers would be punished accordingly while parents propagating for schools to resume would bare the consequences of their actions, the spokesman reiterated.

Students in cl

It is uncertain why the speaker prefered students to be sent to schools out of the war torn regions despite arguments from economic critics that sending learners to Francophone regions only enriches the areas.

The recent decision to interrupt the 2019-2020 academic year comes barely a month after “coffin Revolutionarist” Mancho Bibixy pleaded with Separatist fighters to create an enabling environment for effective school resumption.

The incarcerated Mancho argued that schools be allowed to function because illiterates cannot lead a country.

The former part-time history teacher in Bamenda, insisted that amidst the struggle for independence in countries such as South Africa, schools were never targeted. It will be a big mistake if children are not allowed to effectively enjoy the right to education, he added.

Meanwhile, some publishers of Anglophone newspapers in Cameroon have joined the government to multiply campaigns aimed at encouraging students in the restive regions to return to classrooms in September.

Since the inception of the Anglophone armed conflict in 2016, schools have remained grounded across the two English speaking regions of the country.

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