Buea Imam Calls For School Resumption

Buea Muslim faithfuls

Kesah Princely & Regis Che,
in Buea

The Imam of the Buea Central Mosque, Alhajj Mohammed Abubakar, has entreated parents in the North West and South West regions of Cameroon to send their children to school in September.

This was during the feast of Eid al-Adha at the Buea Town Municipal Stadium on Sunday, August 11.

In the presence of senior administrative officials of the region, Imam Abubakar frowned at the fact that the Anglophone Crisis has kept children at home for three years running.

To the religious leader, parents should take responsibility over their children as he said “if we do not educate these children, we will have an illiterate generation tomorrow — for an uneducated society is an evil one.”

Buea Central Mosque Imam, Alhajj Mohammed Abubakar

He equally tasked the regime of President Paul Biya and the Anglophone diaspora to work towards a common goal; that of peace.

“When there is injustice, corruption, embezzlement and violence in a society, there is bound to be anarchy,” he stated.

The Muslim faithful were exhorted to shun vices and emulate ‘Prophet Abraham’ who obeyed the Almighty Allah to sacrifice his only son.

Meantime, the plight of married women was addressed: “women are the power of our wealth in society. Treat them with utmost respect and integrity,” Imam Abukar advised.

Talking to TWIF NEWS shortly after prayers, some believers explained that the feast is a great moment for them.

With back-to-school being the major preoccupation, the South West Educational Secretary Hilary Hamza coined the slogan “do our kid no harm as they return to school.”

At the end of the ceremony, the Imam and other clerics supplicated to Allah as they performed the slaughtering of the ram.

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