Anglophone Crisis: SDF Puts Biya on Tight Seat

SDF Chairman, Fru Ndi first from the left

Kesah Princely, Regis Che & Paul Njie,
In Buea.

Officials of the Social Democratic Front (SDF) party have held the government of President Paul Biya responsible for the deteriorating Anglophone Crisis.

For the first time since the outbreak of the imbroglio in 2016, the party has threatened to withdraw its parliamentarians from the National Assembly.

In a communique signed by the National Chairman, Ni John Fru Ndi after the SDF National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting in Douala on August 10, the officials tasked the Biya regime not only to bring the “civil war” to an end, but to also provide a definitive solution that will create an enabling environment for children to return to school.

Participants of the meeting also intimated that the SDF would boycott any elections if the Anglophone armed conflict stays unresolved.

“The SDF shall be obliged to withhold its parliamentarians from attending the November 2019 session. If elections are convened and held under such circumstances, the SDF will not participate and this will tantamount to breaking the country into two,” the release read in part.

While calling on separatist fighters to exercise restraint, the SDF politicians urged senators, parliamentarians, mayors and councilors of the ruling CPDM party from the restive regions not to use the current stalemate to make political gains.

The SDF Convention came barely 24 hours after Cameroon’s Minister of Territory Administration cautioned political parties to respect the laws of the republic. In a meeting at the Littoral Governor’s office on Friday August 09, Paul Atanga Nji declared that his ministry will sanction any political party that propagates messages that jeopardise the country’s peace.

On November 30, 2017, President Paul Biya declared war against those he termed terrorists in the North West and South West regions, whom he said were a threat to the country’s unity.

Two years after the 86 year-old leader waged the war, maiming, rape, torture, kidnappings, mass killings, looting, destruction and torching of schools, hospital, houses and the razing of entire villages, have been the order of the day, the SDF has said.

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