Robert Mugabe’s Denial of Heroic Burial Sparks Controversy

Regis Che
in Buea.

Former Zimbabwean President, Robert Mugabe has refused to be buried at the national shrine, The Zimbabwe Independent has reported.

According to media reports, the ailing 95 year-old told his family he
will not want to be inhumed at the Horoes Acre [a cemetery on a hill where icons are buried].

Robert Gabriel Mugabe
is said to have denied current ZANU PF government to preside over his funeral when he dies.

TWIF News cannot independently state the reason behind Mugabe’s decision, but during the state of the nation address recently, President Emmerson Mnangagwa mentioned the deteriorating health situation of his predecessor.

Following his strong grip on power for 37 years, the ZANU PF moved a motion to impeach Mugabe with the high support of the country’s military during the November 2017 coup.

Back then, war veterans warned that Mugabe should not be buried at the Heroes Acre stating “he had become a sellout.”

Robert Mugabe in black track suit, on a will chair

Meanwhile, War veterans in the Eastern part of the country, Mashonaland have called on everyone to be laid to rest upon their demise at the national Heroes Acre. To them, there is no reason for the differentiation of freedom fighters since they all fought for a common goal of the nation.

One-time Marondera soldier, Chrispen Mashayamombe argued that “when we [soldiers] went to war, it was all about liberating ourselves and the masses. We were all equal and united in the battlefield. Why is it now we are being classified; some as provincial heroes; some as district heroes while some are honoured at ward level? This is not right!” He further requested “We want every war veteran to be buried at the national heroes’ acre. The hill has enough space for all of us.”

Robert Gabriel Mugabe was one of the liberators of Rhodesia [present day Zimbabwe] from British marginalisation in 1980. When the British officially left the South African country, Mugabe became Prime Minister in 1980 where he served till 1987 and became first president and ruled up to 2017.

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