Atanga Nji hatches New Security Plans in Douala

Regis Che
in Buea.

Cameroon’s Minister of
Territorial Administration, Paul Atanga Nji has organised a meeting to beef up security in the country’s chief economic capital, Douala.

Friday August, 09, 2019’s assembly held at the Conference room of the Littoral Governor’s Office.

Amidst administrative authorities
and some security experts of the region, Minister Atanga Nji said some activities have to be checked in the metropolis.

The MINAT boss condemned what he called mischievous activities among some commercial drivers in whose cars, most passengers are often assaulted in the town.

MINAT boss seated in black sorrounded by media

The Minister recounted his raison d’ĂȘtre in Douala “I’m here to hold this security meeting on the high instructions of President Paul Biya.

The administrative authorities have drawn my attention to certain activities which are dangerous in the region. We have mischievous acts in township where taxis passengers are attacked and deprived of their private property.”

The Minister also praised representatives of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and some media practitioners for professionalism and requested they be responsible while executing their duties — an act the politician believed would serve as their contributions towards nation building.

Meantime, the people were all reminded to avoid acts that might tarnish government’s reputation and were warned on the consequences of going against authorities, “those who don’t want to respect the laws will be booked as being recalcitrant and will be treated as such. We have asked the security forces to look into that so that all those perpetuating these dangerous activities will be put under control,” Atanga Nji said.

The unreticent Minister of Territorial Administration told militants of opposition political parties to be law abiding and shun any activities that may invite sanctions from his ministry.

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