Anglophone Crisis Heightens Disablity Rate

Samuel Nyingcho, CUAPWD Coordinator

By Nsah Edwin                                          In Bamenda

Disability rate is going to reduce if people in the crisis ravaged Anglophone regions stay off the conflict, a disability advocate has said.

Talking exclusively to TWIF NEWS, Nyingcho Samuel, Coordinator General at the Coordinating Unit of Associations of Persons with Disabilities (CUAPWD) classified the causes of disability into two categories: natural and man-made factors.

Given that the brain is very fragile, he cautioned parents against harsh disciplinary measures.

“When a parent spanks a child on the head, there are high chances for the child to develop seizures and mental disorder” he said.

The Senior CUAPWD official also exhorted especially youngsters to apply safety measures amidst the tension in the North West and South West regions.  

“A mere visit to the casualty ward of any functional hospital will cause shivers running down your spine,” he stated.

The disability rights advocate added that many people have lost their limbs to bullet wounds and fire incidents resulting from the sociopolitical upheavals.

To him, lasting solutions to the crisis is a prevention to skyrocketing disability cases.

The clarion call comes days after Human Rights Watch recently published a report stating that PWDs have been targeted in the crisis.

The organisation highlighted the vulnerability and plights of persons with disabilities in conflict prone areas in the regions.

Persons with disabilities who form a minority of either internally displaced or refugees, lack basic necessities and as such are in dire need of humanitarian assistance, says Human Rights Watch.

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