Urine: Beauty Guarantor


Karyo savouring a glass of urine

Agborndip Priscilia
in Buea.

In an attempt to look beautiful and ever young, many have resorted to all sort of therapies, urine inclusive.

Urine has been seen as an effective way of restoring beauty and eliminating aging. Drinking of early morning urine and spraying it on the face is a cost free tip for a glowing skin.

According to 30 year old Ruby Karyo, drinking and applying her pee on her face has given her a glowing skin.

To the US based(Maryland) lady, urine is good for healing scars, pimples , bald head and many others. She said the therapy was given to her by her dad when she was 19 and since then she has been drinking and spraying her early morning urine. Once I tried abandoning this therapy, I realised my face became rough and I started looking older than I was, says Ruby Karyo.

In Buea, the notion of looking beautiful and ever young has driven many young ladies into using all sort of concoctions.

The next publication on this topic, will be on how young girls in Buea regard urine as a beauty tip.

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