Former Telecommunication Regulatory Boss Sent To kondengui

By Paul Njie

In Buea

The former Director General of the Telecommunications Regulatory Agency (ART) who was arrested recently has been transferred to the Yaounde Central Prison, Kondengui.

Jean Louis Beh Mengue was arrested on Monday August 5, by investigators at the Special Criminal Court.

Jean Louis Beh Mengue, former director of telecommunication regulatory agency

He had been in their custody for two days, and was transferred to Kondengui prison on Wednesday August 7, reports Journal du Cameroon.

According to Vision 4 Television, the former boss of the Telecommunications Regulatory Agency was arrested for financial mismanagement.

Reports say he engaged in wrong financial dealings with some telecommunication organisations like MTN and Orange while in office.

Jean Louis Beh Mengue was at the helm of the agency for 18 years, until he was sacked by President Paul Biya in 2017.

The Cameroonian government has pledged to tackle corruption and embezzlement in the country, but it has been criticised for only attacking accused officials after they might have left office.

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