Cardinal Tumi Insists Federalism Is Solution To Anglophone Crisis

Cardinal Christain Tumi

By Sandrine Akeabeh

InĀ Bafoussam

The Chief convener of the Anglophone General Conference, Cardinal Christian Tumi says federalism is a tenable system which can solve the Anglophone problem in Cameroon.

The influential leader, Archbishop Emeritus of Douala, made the declaration recently in Douala.

Known for his critical stance, Cardinal Tumi avowed that the current system promotes Anglophone marginalisation by the Francophone majority, noting that the change of status from a Federal Republic to the name former French Cameroon used to gain independence is proof of the subjugation of Anglophones.

He insisted that if Cameroon returns to its former federal status, the current socio-political stalemate in the country will be put to rest.

Many have tagged Cardinal Tumi as a partisan arbiter, given that the AGC is aimed at uniting Anglophones from all sides of the political spectrum.

Cardinal Christain Tumi

Anglophone separatists have said separation is the only solution to the crisis, while government holds tight to a united nation, with decentralisation as its vehicle for a return to peace.

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One thought on “Cardinal Tumi Insists Federalism Is Solution To Anglophone Crisis

  1. I think Cardinal Tumi is an evil man.
    If LRC were confident that they had just up to 30% chance of striking a deal with us that will benefit them, they would have been on the negotiating table a long time ago. But they know they cannot win anything because our case is supported 100% by International law. The Cardinal knows this and so why is he insisting that we go in for a federation with these people? How I wish I could address this man. He talks of a federation. A federation can only survive when the two parties enter the federation as equals. There is no other way. And the reason is simple. That equality means that one party will have the right to leave the federation anytime it decides that it no longer serves its interests. It does not matter how you look at it. No agreement can guarantee that the more dominant partner will not mistreat the weaker partner. The only guarantee that can stop abuse by one party on the other is when any of the two has the right to leave the federation when it no longer serves its interests. That is how it must be if by any madness we accept to get into a federation with LRC. Then look at it again and answer this question. If it is agreed that we can leave the federation anytime we want. Then we can just as well leave after signing the agreement because based on our experiences with LRC they have proven for over 57 years that they don’t want us as citizens in their country. And these people do not respect any laws not even their own constitution. So what can they really do to convince us that they will respect any law when they are breaking every law right now in fighting us. If we enter into a federation agreement without being equal in status, LRC will simply fry all of us in broad day light. And again the final question to the Cardinal, – given the fact that we cannot enter into any federation with them without equality status as independent states,, that means we have the right to refuse. not to. So why must we accept what we don’t want?. OR IS THERE SOMETHING THE CARDINAL KNOWS THAT HE IS HIDING FROM US?


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