TWIF NEWS’ Correction On State of Electricity In NW

Terminal plan supplying Kumbo and

In an earlier report on the state of electricity supply in the North West, TWIF NEWS inaccurately said that electricity had fully been restored in the region.

After consulting multiple sources across the region, some residents said there is still unstable power supply in their own areas.

According to our sources from Romajay in Kumbo, Nancho in the outskirts of Bamenda and Ndu in Donga Mantung, electricity supply remains unsteady, explaining that they only have power in some hours of the day.

In Romajay for example, power is only available from 12:00pm to 4:00pm daily, TWIF NEWS has learnt.

TWIF NEWS sincerely apologises for reporting that electricity supply was reinstated in the entire region, when in fact, as we later learnt, it was done only in some areas.

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