“Ambazonia Military Forces” Rejects Lockdown

AMF communique

By Paul Njie, Kesah Princely & Regis Che

Some Generals of the Ambazonian Military Forces (AMF) have rejected what they termed a “10-day lockdown” of Anglophone Cameroon.

In a recent communique marked by typographical errors, ten individuals who identified themselves as Generals of the High Command of the Ambazonian Military Forces (AMF) said they had cancelled a lockdown of the territory, in reaction to an “announcement made by one of the factions of the Interim Government.”

There have been rumours that Amazonian leaders have imposed a ten-day complete shutdown of activities starting Monday August 5, leading people to travel out of the two Anglophone regions over the weekend.

The Sako-led faction of the Ambazonian Interim Government which had announced an impending lockdown over a week ago, has yet to declare when it will go into force and the duration.

Following the transfer of some prisoners–among them Anglophone detainees–from the Yaounde Kondengui Prison to unknown locations, the Interim Government had given Cameroonian authorities a five-day ultimatum to account for them, or face a lockdown in Anglophone Cameroon.

Ambazonia Secretary of Communication, Chris Anu

Chris Anu, Communication Secretary of Ambazonia recently posted on Facebook that details of the impending lockdown would be announced at 8:00pm on Monday August 5.

The AMF on their Facebook page frowned at the Sako-led IG for failing to consult them (fighters on the ground) before making such a call.

It’s unclear how the AMF got the alleged announcement, given that Sako’s IG is yet to release details of the impending lockdown.

But, AMF maintained that their decision to annul the said lockdown came after “extensive discussions with the civilian population on the ground: the very people who bear the brunt of these lockdowns,” and “hereby inform the population to go about their normal activities all over Ambazonia, until further notice,” the AMF communique read in part.

The recent move by the AMF comes few days after Ambazonia activist, Mark Bareta urged “Ground Zero” fighters whom he said are more involved in the fighting to decide for themselves what to do, and not take orders from abroad.

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