Boko Haram Mutiny Renders Women Earless

Boko Haram cuts ears of women/Nigeria eye

By Regis Che

Some women have lost their ears following an attack from terrorist sect, Boko Haram.

The armed men believed to be Boko Haram militants raided Kalagari, a village along the Nigeria-Cameroon borders, and cut off the ears of at least 3 women.

The victims of the recent raid are members of a local vigilante group in the area,TWIF News has learned.

Reports say the insurgents carried out the act against the women for allegedly giving out information about them [Boko Haram], to members of the Multi Joint Task Force fighting the group.

When the gunmen arrived Kalagari where the vigilante group was on guard, they outnumbered the local security which constituted both men and women, humiliated them, leaving devastating consequences.

This is not the first time Cameroonian and Nigerian nationals are suffering from excesses of the Islamist group. In June 2016, Boko Haram attacked and killed some Cameroonian defence and security forces in Darak, Logone and Charie division, Far North region.

President Paul Biya whose country is politically unstable had seemingly been mute with regards to previous attacks. He tweeted a condolence message to his Nigerian counterpart, Muhammadou Buhari, following the killing of some 65 people in Nganzai district near the state capital Maiduguri, North East Nigeria. A gesture which many a Cameroonian has criticised, claiming their president pays more attention to foreign malice than the massive killings that are ongoing in the two Anglophone minority regions of the bilingual country since the outbreak of socio-political upheavals 3 years ago.

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