Bamenda Inhabitants Decry Frequent Blackouts

Bamenda city chemist round about

By Paul Njie & Kesah Princely

Residents of Bamenda have complained of acute shortage in the supply of electricity in the North West region.

Some city dwellers say business activities have been heavily affected by the situation.

TWIF NEWS cannot independently tell the exact reason for the said frequent power outage, but, locals have given varying versions as to why this is happening.

Some have attributed it to separatist fighters who are alleged to have tampered with the main transformer of Bamenda, while others say it is a deliberate move from ENEO, to ration supply, given that they find it difficult to distribute bills to the nooks and crannies of Bamenda.

In nearby Bambili — the locality hosting the University of Bamenda — students resorted to using alternative means to get their electronic gadgets powered up.

Aerial view of Bamenda town

About two months ago when the electricity problem is believed to have started, some students usually paid for their laptops to be charged with generators, and would later use the charged laptops to power their phones; while other students bought torches to study with.

Documentation shop operators lament that the rationing of electricity is affecting their businesses negatively, and it has rendered some of their electronics bad.

Students told TWIF NEWS that the power hassles before the end of the second semester made education expensive, as they were compelled to spend more money for transportation to faraway distances which had electricity, each time they had to print or photocopy assignments and other documents.

At a time when government is embarking on a back-to-school campaign in the region, some students in Bamenda are wondering how they will resume school to face the frequent power outages.

Meanwhile, sources in the North West said there is constant power supply at Up-Station Bamenda,a government residential area.

ENEO, the main power supply company in Cameroon is yet to make an official statement about the electricity problems in that part of the country.

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