TWIF NEWS Editorial: GCE Results Leak Despite Biya’s Intervention

Students at the GCE Board Headquarters in Buea

Cameroonians have once again been shocked as to how results of this year’s GCE inundated the social media, even before official publication.

Before now, it was nearly impossible for anyone to lay hands on the results before the state broadcaster, CRTV — not even social media.

The manner in which those of 2019 got to candidates was one of the most degrading and disgraceful for the 25 year-old GCE Board, the body charged with organising exams for the English subsystem.

When the Head of State who is considered to be a proponent of quality and holistic education restructured the GCE Board recently, it was hoped that the decree buried the flaws of the board.

On the contrary, the frailty of the Dominic Ako-led team crescendoed, as they failed to prevent the results from being leaked.

Nearly every Cameroonian on social media had gotten wind of the results hours ahead of CRTV, the media organ traditionally charged with officially announcing and presenting statistics of the results.

Tuesday’s edition of The Guardian Post newspaper had as headline “Heads to roll over ‘leaked’ GCE results on social media.” Two days after the proclamation of the 2019 GCE, no one seems to be taking responsibility for the leak.

Just like the very accused government officials who were not punished for alleged mismanagement of AFCON 2019 funds, it is doubtful if officials of the GCE Board will be called to book for the current mess.

It is unclear whether the current administrative silence on the matter is because far too many important issues have occupied the government of President Biya, so much so that they are seemingly unconcerned by the leak.

The GCE Board needs thorough and verifiable investigation for its gross incompetence to secure institutional data.

Just last year, Advanced Level Geography and Literature were written twice following a leak of the subjects’ questions. Worst still, two result slips were issued per candidate for that sitting.

This action made some students who were successful as revealeded by the first slip, to later get disillusioned by a failed result slip.

If the state fails to launch an inquiry on the current dereliction, then Cameroonians might not be wrong to think that it is complicit to the board’s mediocrity.


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