Police Round off Scores at Malingo

Cameroon police on patrol in Buea when the crisis star

Elements of Cameroon’s Police have arrested scores of citizens in Molyko, a locality in Buea.

Police stormed student residential areas in Malingo, banging doors, demanding for identification documents.

In the course of their patrol this Wednesday July 31, several people were whisked and taken to the Molyko Police station, where the officers allegedly collected money from them, TWIF NEWS has learnt.

Explaining his experience at the police station to some Malingo inhabitants, a man who was whisked while at a construction site, said he was only rescued after the prompt intervention of a family member.

The man, as per his narration, phoned his relative, a military officer, who negotiated for his release, alongside five of his co-workers.

This is not the first time uniformed officers are accused of randomly arresting civilians for money in the two restive Anglophone regions. Two weeks ago, TWIF NEWS reported of mass arrests in Molyko, where people with or without ID cards were taken.

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