Mancho Bibixy Is Not Dead – Cameroon Government

Mancho Bibixy with a speaker on top of a Car in Bamenda

By Paul Njie & Kesah Princely

Cameroon’s Ministry of Communication says Anglophone detainee, Mancho Bibixy is alive, contrary to rumours that he had been killed by security officers.

The revelation was made in a tweet from the ministry’s official Twitter account Tuesday July 30. It emphasized that Mancho was “spotted among 177 detainees” who were reportedly whisked from their prison cells in Kondengui to undisclosed locations. The tweet however, failed to reveal Mancho’s current whereabouts.

Minister of Communication Tweet

The recent information from the state comes barely days after the Ambazonian Interim Government gave a five-day ultimatum for President Biya’s government to account for missing Anglophone detainees, or face a lockdown in the two Anglophone regions of the country.

The Ambazonian leadership in a communique, named the “Coffin Revolutionist” Mancho Bibixy as one of the prisoners who must be accounted for.

It remains unclear whether government’s recent denunciation of Mancho Bibixy’s death is in respect to the Ambazonian order to account for him and other Anglophone detainees.

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