Regina Daniels Current Size Shocks Fans

Regina Daniels

Agborndip Priscilia
29 July 2019

Fans of popular Nigerian actress Regina Daniels have been left confused as to whether the star is sick or undergoing marital stress.

The celebrity who inundates her Instagram wall with information almost on a daily basis suddenly went silent for several days.

Followers of the Nollywood celeb were recently taken aback when she took to social media and uploaded photos of her on drips, implying that she had been sick.

Hours later photos of her in a bikini flooded her Instagram page. The pictures of the beautiful 21 year-old in the bikini show she has lost a considerable amount of weight.

The point of controversy among supporters of the normally bulky Regina is whether it is sickness or marital issues that has landed her on her present shape.

The pressure of marrying the 59 year old multi-billionaire and lawyer Ned Nwoko, many believe has enormously contributed to the young Regina’s current state.

They feel that she is suffering from the stress of always and readily presenting herself as the most beautiful and loved of Nwoko’s wives.

Regina Daniels

Another school of thought amongst fans is that the actress has difficulties maintaining a good relationship with her co-wives and numerous step children.

Regina who is the last of the billionaire’s six wives is seemingly seeking to top the other five so as to remain the most loved to the 59 year old, whom many say is old enough to be her father.

Whether Regina is undergoing a slim course is what is yet to be revealed.

On May 26, 2019, Prince Ned Nwoko married Regina Daniels as his 6th wife.

A highly heated debate has ensued among fans of Nollywood idol Regina Daniels over her current slim looks. Is it sickness or marital stress that is troubling the young actress?


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