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Sandrine Akeabeh

With the burning desire to look sexy nowadays, having a bulged butt is seemingly one of the determinats of sexiness. You must have read a lot elsewhere about how to have a big butt, and sadly, the tips didn’t work for you. But, rest assured that after reading this article on how to have a hot and sexy booty, you’ll realise that these are just the best tips for you.

Having a big booty is what most ladies crave for. Some go for surgery just to make their buttocks look big and attractive. Some even embark on exercises. Well, you can have a big butt without having to carry out exercises. Every woman has a booty; the difference is just how you treat yours. Don’t you want to look attractive? I know you’ve been finding ways to do that. Well, these are some simple and natural methods of having a hot and sharp pointed booty.

Having big buttocks is achieved by wearing the right clothes and eating the right foods. Yes, don’t be surprised. It works. Don’t you want to be the centre of attraction at a party or amongst others? . Just take your time and read the following tips.

1_ *Putting on the right jeans* is an effective way of having a sharp pointed booty. They visually change your butt within seconds. It becomes round and raised making you look hot and sexy. Your jeans should be sit-tight and stretchy ones; they’re the best for showing off your butt. Pay attention to the pockets of your jeans. Jeans with small high pockets on the butty will visually enlarge it. Jeans with big pockets will just make your buttocks to shrink. Also, jeans with a high waist are just the best. The top of your jean should fit your waist in the narrowest place so that it will look thin and your booty will seem bigger. Do not wear dark jeans. The perfect ones to bring out your butt are white, pastel or light blue jeans

*2- Walking technique* is another tip for you. The way you walk emphasizes or reveals some parts of your body. Just straighten your shoulders, and arc your lower back. It will not only make your booty more attractive but will make your chest waist slimmer and visually enlarge your chest. Just catwalk.

*3- Tightened Waist* will make you have a hot butt. If you emphasize on your waist, your booty will look more proportional, whether your belly is small or not. Try a belt corset, it will shift the excess from the abdomen to the buttocks and hips and your booty will look big and hot.

4- *Put on High Heels* they change the shape of the spine in such a way that both the butt and the chest are visible, and sharp pointed. Forget about the low thin heels for the spike heels. Your legs will look slimmer and the booty will be visually a couple of centimetres higher.

5_ *Embark on strict Diet.*
Avoid eating sweets and fatty foods. Decrease body weight in case you are too fat. The excess weight you might have in this case will be deposited on your hips and the appearance of your butt will deteriorate. Your nutrition should be healthy and balanced. Eat foods containing proteins like eggs, beef and veal, lean fish and all kinds of beans. Carbohydrates like cereals, whole wheat bread, brown rice dishes and breakfast cereals without sugar will also help. Unsaturated fat like cold pressed vegetable oil, fish oil or small portions of red fish and nuts will also be excellent to increase your booty.

Well, now you are armed and equipped with some tips and tricks on how to make your buttocks bigger and attractive. Even without exercise, you will achieve good results. The men’s glance will be focused on you if that is what you long for. Good luck in your journey to making your butt hot and sexy. Hope this helps you.

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