Buea Students Defy Ghost Town, Celebrate GCE

Students at the GCE Board Headquarters in Buea

By Sandrine Akeabeh.

Students in Buea have massively shunned the traditional Monday ghost town to celebrate their success at the 2019 GCE examination.

Monday July 29, successful candidates took to some major streets, jubilating and chanting songs of victory.

Despite the usual civil disobedience campaigns on Mondays, the candidates could be heard from different corners of the town.

In Bonduma and Molyko, the euphoria was highest.

Unlike the previous year, successful candidates were shouting and moving around informing friends and relatives about their exploits.

“I do not really care whether it is ghost town or not. I must celebrate my success. Even my parents can’t stop me from going out to celebrate,” a student who passed in 11 papers told TWIF News.

An Advanced Level student, though surprised at the day of the release, expressed discontent at the manner of publication.

“I did not expect the results will be released on a ghost town day. I got mine from social media, but what about those who do not have android phones to go online to check, they will be forced to go to the GCE Board to check which isn’t safe at all. We all know the situation we are faced with in our country,” he said.

While some students are vying for places in High School, others are upbeat about life in the University.

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