Tombel Inhabitants Wage War Against Their Mayor

The Mayor of Tombel in Red and the Government authority in white

By Sandrine Akeabeh

What appears to be a cold war has recently been going on in Tombel, Kupe Muanenguba Division of the south
West region, between the incumbent Mayor of the Tombel Council Rose Ngassa and some inhabitants.

Information gotten by TWIF NEWS reveals that some inhabitants of Tombel are painting a bad image of their mayor on some social media platforms, making her very uncomfortable.

Inhabitants say they are tired of Ngassa’s rule and want her to step down as mayor of the municipality.

Since Madam Rose Ngassa was elected in 2007 and reelected in 2013 for another term in office, many Bakossi elites considered it a blow to their faces and have vowed to make the life of the mayor a living hell.

Mayor Rose Ngassa originally hails from the West region of Cameroon, and it is believed that some elites are chagrined that they are being led by someone who does not have her roots from Tombel, and who is not Bakossi. In a recent audio that went viral on social media, Franklin Njume, a Bakossi elite was heard telling the mayor to go back to her region of origin.

According to some Tombel inhabitants, Ngassa hasn’t executed all her projects as she promised.

“There are still some pending projects. Travelling from Tombel to Loum in Mungo Division is a veritable nightmare and the Kumba-Tombel road hasn’t been touched at all,” an inhabitant told TWIF NEWS.

However, others attest to the fact that, the Mayor has done so much for the Bakossi people since she took over office in 2007.

“There has been a remarkable rate of execution of projects in Tombel since Ngassa came to power. This doesn’t mean it has been void of flaws. It is left for the people of Tombel to decide in the upcoming elections,” another local stated. “I think Bakossi people just want a son of the soil to rule Tombel,” he added.

According to a report on Cameroon Postline, an online news platform, Madam Ngassa went back to office in 2013 amidst criticisms and allegations of arrogance, non respect for the Bakossis and illegal award of contracts hanging over her shoulders.

Tombel under Ngassa has witnessed a lot of development in terms of infrastructure and rehabilitation, TWIF NEWS has learnt. Roads, classrooms, health centres, boreholes, and toilets are said to have been constructed across the municipality and lots of other developments have taken place. Some inhabitants say this is in keeping to her promise of making Tombel a town of reference in the southwest region.

In an interview granted to the press during her installation ceremony in 2007, Mayor Rose Ngassa said “though I originate from the West region, Tombel is my real home. I was born here, grew up here, and thanks to Tombel I am a successful business magnate in this country and beyond, so anything I do here is simply from the bottom of my heart.”

Many are wondering whether lambasting Ngassa’s regime could be a strategy by the Bakossi people to rid her of her position, or whether she went wrong somewhere.

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