Nigeria Traditional Ruler Wants To Buy Chelsea FC

Chief Oba Abdulrasheed Akanbi of Imo land

By Njodzeka Danhatu

A Nigerian traditional ruler, the Oluwo of the Iwo land has said he would like to buy English football club Chelsea.

In an interview with Punch newspaper, July 27, Chief Oba Abdulrasheed Akanbi, said he loves Chelsea and would like to buy it.
To the business man, Chelsea FC might be performing poorly now, but remains confident that the English giant will regain its position among top English teams.

Read a piece of the interview below:
Did you indulge in sports while growing up?

I’ve been playing football since my nursery and primary school days. I like table tennis too. I played during break time at school.

Were you always on the winning or losing side?

Who will tell you that he loses? I was always on the winning side. How will I be on the losing side?

Which position did you play?

I played as a right winger.

Why did you choose to be a businessman and not a footballer?

During my time, it was tough to get parental consent to play football. At that time, football wasn’t something they would advise you to go into. In fact, if your parents saw you playing football, it made you look unserious. So, my time was not a period when people considered making a living from football.

Do you still participate in sports?

Yes, I still play table tennis. I have a table tennis board at the palace. I am also a very good draft player. I also play Ludo and volleyball. Sometimes, I play these sports with my subjects.
Which club do you support and would love to buy?

It is Chelsea. I am a Chelsea fan.
Do you think Chelsea can yield good return on investment, if you acquire the club?

I am a Chelsea supporter. It doesn’t matter what they are doing or where they are. There would be a time that they will come back; and I will not switch because they are not doing well.

If given a free ticket to watch an international match, which would it be?

I would prefer to go and watch the World Cup or the Olympic Games. But if it is a club side, I would love to see Chelsea and Barcelona, because of my love for Chelsea.

Source: Partly culled from Punch newspaper.

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