Water Bottle Renders Child Speech Impaired

Mother and child

Agborndip Priscilia
26 July 2019

A 6 year old child has almost lost his tongue after drinking from a water bottle.

Riley Woof’s tongue got stuck in the bottle despite rescuing efforts from his mother.

As TWIF News has learned, the incident occurred recently in Carnforth, a town near Lancaster in England.

The child’s mother at first sight thought it was just a minor issue but when she tried pulling off the bottle from his tongue with diffcuties she got so terrified “it was the scariest day of my life. I’m still really shaken. I can’t stop looking at him and welling up,” she said.

The 6 year old kept sobbing as he countinously beckoned on his mum to get an ambulance. “All this time I didn’t think he was in danger, I felt a bit silly going to hospital,” his mother decried.

The situation became tensed when the little boy was taken to a nearby hospital where a doctor succeeded to remove the bottle but said the patient could lose his life given that the lid was still stuck to his tongue.

After thorough examination, a team of 10 doctors managed to get the lid off his tongue, a situation that has left Woof with a temporary speech impairment.

Meantime, Sainsbury, the company producing the water bottles said it was the first time such an incident was being recorded but stressed that an investigation would be opened into the matter.

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