Bareta Castigates IG, Calls On GZ To Elect Government

Ambazonia activist, CEO Bareta News, Mark

By Kesah Princely

Renowned Ambazonian political activist, Mark Bareta says the establishment of an Interim Government (I.G) has been the greatest obstacle to the independence of Ambazonia.

In a video that has gone viral on Social Media, the Chief Executive Officer of Bareta News unequivocally lambasted the disunity among “ground zero” fighters which he said is caused by some frontline leaders of the Ambazonian course.

“Someone cannot sit in the diaspora, give you FCFA100,000 and swear you [restoration fighters] to attack the camps of fellow fighters,” he decried.

To Bareta, power oughts to be in the hands of those in “ground zero” whom he said have laid down their lifes for the restoration of the statehood of Ambazonia.

The only way out of the division, he insisted, is for restoration fighters to disregard the present I.G and form a “Supreme Revolutionary Council” to lead them to independence.

The Belgian based activists, revealed “there is a 99% chance that if this thing [the course] succeeds, we [Diasporans] will come back home alive while you on “ground zero” have 20% luck of seeing Ambazonia.”

Meantime, Mark Bareta has called for a complete dissolution of the Interim Government, implying its presence is equivalent to its absence.

“There is no government in the diaspora,” he declared.

Since 2017, when some Cameroonians from the country’s two minority Anglophone Regions illegally decayed the virtual state of Ambazonia, there have been a resurgence of infighting amongst some factions of Pro-independence fighters.

In 2018 for example, social media reports emerged that ADF fighters were responsible for the death of an Ambazonia General and his soldiers in Batibo, North West Region.

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