AGC Bemoans Sexual Violence Against Women, Prolonged School Closure

Page one of AGC’s release

The conveners of the Anglophone General Conference, AGC, have expressed deep grief over sexual violence against women and prolonged closure of schools in the North West and South West Regions.

Their displeasure was made public in a meeting Thursday July 24, at the Presbyterian Synod Office in Buea.

Under the guidance of his Eminence, Cardinal Christian Tumi, the association, mostly made up of clergies, also frowned at destruction of property in the two English speaking Regions as a result of the ongoing crisis.

Page 2 of AGC’s releaseĀ 

According to a release published by AGC, the group is deeply saddened by the riots at the Yaounde and Buea Central Prisons, which were caused by poor and inhumane prison conditions.

The body while denouncing violence from both sides, said the Anglophone crisis needs a dialogue handled principally by Cameroonians, though it welcomes any good will from external bodies.

They equally called on the government of Cameroon to grant general amnesty to those arrested in connection with the crisis.

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