Tension in Kumba: Bike Riders Barred from Working

Kumba Streets almost empty

By Sandrine Akeabeh

The streets of Kumba have been deserted since morning, following a 10-day ban on bike riders in the city, imposed by Ambazonian Restoration Forces.

According to TWIF NEWS sources in Kumba, only taxi drivers are plying the streets, leading to an increase in transport fare by 100frs. The taxi drivers claim the available taxis on the streets are incommensurate to several persons who have flooded major streets of the city, depending on them for transportation.

” There is 100% movement in town, but many are trekking to their various destinations” our source further revealed.

Another credible source in Kumba told TWIF NEWS that the bikes of at least five riders who violated the separatist-imposed ban, were seized by Ambazonian forces.

“Ambazonia fighters seized two bikes around the Kumba Grandstand, and the rest at Three Poles,” averred our source.

The recently declared ban comes barely a week after commercial bike riders in Kumba dashed to the streets to protest against ghost town operations, following the murder of their colleague allegedly killed by Restoration Forces.

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